Our junior stallions, MEMC On Target and MEMC Magnifico, are not currently ready for shipped semen. They will be tested and trained for collection in the future.

Email or give us a call for more info if you are interested in a breeding later on and we can keep in touch. Also, find us on MEMC Morgans on FACEBOOK for most current photos and info on the boys!

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2007 Buckskin Homozygous Splash
AMHA# 176770

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Watch Tiger's YouTube Video!
(video taken Summer 2007 ~ age 5 months!!)

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"Tiger" is a horse of a lifetime. I feel blessed to have had this boy born here and there is not a day that goes by where I don't find myself impressed by so many things about him. He offers so much to me, my breeding program and, I believe, the Morgan breed. Tiger is a large colt with excellent conformation, upheadedness, way of going and tremendous breed type. He is the very essence of the Morgan horse and then there is his stunning color. Tiger carries both the cream gene and the splash gene. He may also have the sabino gene which is also evident in his family. He is a buckskin homozygous splash and will grow up to produce many fine Pinto Morgans. Tiger is also, and most importantly, a really great guy. He's gentle, willing, attentive and loves interaction. He has a charisma and magnificence that was evident from his first moments. I can't wait to watch him mature.

MEMC Crown Royal Robbi Sue's Mr Alert Glamorgan Vista
Robbi-Sue Misalert
King Blaze Mint Windhoverenchantmint
Icestone Whitewing
W-B Her Royal Highness Windhoverenchantmint Beamington
Milady Dona
Icestone Whitewing Townshend Don Bird
Tamarlei Pa Waltz


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Tiger Art

by Laura Behning

by Laura Behning

Dr Eva Hornung of Australia

Dr Eva Hornung of Australia



2007 Cremello
AMHA# 175754
100% Full Foundation Bred

August 2011

Magnum was a gift from the time he was conceived. Through a twist of fate, he has returned to MEMC as a long yearling and it is truly like seeing his sire Tequila all over again at the same age. They are full foundation slow maturing horses who grow into the old type Morgan so detailed and chiseled in structure, it's as if they were carved of stone. There is a such dignity and noble character, I have found no other horse in all my years that has had the same essence of Tequila until Magnum was born. What was special about Magnum was that he was such a long shot. His dam had three embryos, we removed two of them and prayed that the *lone ranger* as I called it could have a chance with all that trauma. I put his dam on regumate, we re-cheeked her and levels were low so I continued. The embryo was also not in a normal position. It seemed hopeless. Magnum's dam is a dream horse, the most gorgeous and delightful mare I'd owned. Her hormone levels came up but I told the vet I didn't wish to risk the baby and so I kept her on the regumate. On April 10th, 2007 at 6PM, Magnum was born. His existence is special, his kindness so evident and his great intelligent like Tequila makes everything easy. Magnum is Tequila's only double dilute son and may ever be the only one. I could not ask for a greater likeness to him in all the ways and I know that in time, Magnum will be able to be the stallion of a lifetime like Tequila.

MEMC Tequila Triple S Bald Eagle Triple S Gold Eagle
Triple S Red Carmen
Twine Pines Sara Elm Crest Squire
Mrs O
Kee Lady Aphrodite Pal-A-Mor's Gold Nugget Glori Del Sir John
Correll's Mae
Kee Crooked River Gold Marvelous Monarch
Angels Breezy Lady

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