ALATHEIA FIRE N ICE (Wilshirs Don Dandy x Goings Dream Come True) 2000 Sabino chestnut mare.

"Fire" is a really cool mare. I chose Fire for her upheadedness, movement and pretty conformation. She is a taller mare at 15.2 hands and seems huge when she comes across the pasture with that high head carriage. Fire is also a Morgan that can really canter nicely and looks like a rocking horse. Fire is chocolate colored chestnut sabino with a lighter mane and tail who has a wide blaze, white chin, lots of white spotting on the belly and three stockings. I value Fire greatly for many reasons and she is worth her weight in gold if for no other reason than the fact that she has produced among the top babies I have ever bred, every time. She is an outstanding broodmare. It is hard not to keep breeding her but it is my wish one day to train and ride Fire. I've always thought she would make a tremendous sport horse mare or even classic. She can trot up and out and canter nearly in place. Fire comes from a great family of Morgans and was bred with care and consideration. I have also owned her dam and these are excellent mares. I believe Fire babies will always accentuate MEMC Morgans.

MEMC High Class, 2004 Chestnut Sabino filly x High White Revolution
MEMC Neon, 2005 Palomino Sabino filly x MEMC Tequila Cuervo
MEMC Rhapsody, 2006 Palomino filly x MEMC Tequila Cuervo
MEMC Cool River, 2007 Sabino/splash colt x Indigo Go Gold
MEMC PRINCETON, 2008 palomino sabino colt x MEMC Crown Royal
MEMC Genevieve 2009 Palomino filly x MEMC Grandeur
MEMC Hallelujah, 2010 Splash Sabino Palomino filly x MEMC Crown Royal


Wilshir's Don Dandy Triton Red Fox Orcland Bold Fox
Funquest Ebonette
Waer's Triton Madona Waer's Play Boy
Waer's Lanette
Goings Dream Come True Alatheia Bold Legacy Porvenir El Creco
Alatheia Mint Julep
Alatheia Magicmotion Porvenir El Creco
LBF Lendonna


Taken 5/4/04
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August, 2008 (full sized)
June 2011
July 2011
~ 2012 - 2013 ~

GRAND TETON RHAPSODY (Radiance Command x Riverbend Sasperilla) AMHA # , June 15th, 1999 Bay mare.

*Rhapsody* is a big powerhouse mare with presence, movement and strong character. Broke to ride when younger, she raised a couple of babies before coming to me, in foal. That foal was MEMC Roulette by the MEMC Tequila Cuervo grandson, SFG Jack Frost. The filly was a huge smoky black with all the form and type you might want, a second of a proven cross. Rhapsody is a doting protective mother. She's quite wise and no nonsense. I actually ran across Rhapsody when she was 4 yrs old, 10 years before I got her. She impressed me with her pedigree of older blood and her memorable appearance. You don't miss her coming toward you from across a field! Rhaps is a bay sabino with extensive roaning throughout her bright bay coat, some white markings and a fist sized spot of white on the top of one side of her hip. She probably got this from her sabino bay sire who has four whites and a blaze. Much of her also reminds me of her flaxen dam down to the same overall shape and head. I've always admired this mare and made it happen when I had a chance to bring her to MEMC. I think she'll cross well with any of my stallions.

MEMC Roulette, 2013 smoky black filly x SFG Jack Frost.


Radiance Command Deer Run Command Waseekas In Command
Fiddlers Moonglow
Bar-T Windsong Orcland Leader
UC Prima Dona
Riverbend Sasperilla UVM Lincoln UVM Watchman
UVM Eldora
Hi D Ho Saffire Hi D Ho Liberty
Melfairs CandyApple


See Foals page for more pics.

*Lexie* comes with a funny story just like her mom and that is why she got a fun name too. She was born almost a month early and on the go and she has not stopped yet. I guess she just could not wait to be born! Roads, dogs, creeks, I haven't seen anything to faze her. She's also running off with everything not nailed down and her great love is the water hose where she makes a mess and then splashes in the puddles. What a cute girl and personality plus! My little warrior girl, Lexie has a big bold trot with power off both ends (LP's babies all have big motors) and great canter. She will go put on her show when asked and then will be right back by your side. Lexie has great pure gold color, sabino markings and the blackest skin of any of the young palominos so her eyes really pop. She should have the typical sabino speckles from her dam as she sheds and more as she matures like her siblings all have had. Great balance and structure with arched neck and all the right curves and excellent rear end. LP's babies all have super legs, feet and correctness. As long as I am breeding I always want a female from this line. With Lexie comes almost all my best horses from over the last decade, the lines of Galahad, Tequila, SFG Passion Flower, HRH Fancy, the sabino stallion High White Revolution and his dam Bellemounts Magic Moment. All great horses that I have owned. What does all that mean? Movement, natural self carriage, curves and lots of Morgan savvy and type .This is one dynamite filly, bred to be a best friend forever. I love her sweet face with her big blaze and big eyes. Lexie never misses a thing and this is the one that stands at the fence alone and watches for me, calls to me, had early independence and a strong desire for human bonding. If I had to choose but one of my golden beauties as my personal trail horse, I would pick this one. She will be a powerhouse but very gentle. This one strongly favors her grandsire Tequila Cuervo. I really believe she will look out for you and give you everything you ask.

August 2011


MEMC Grandeur Nashboro Sir Galahad Nashboro Dakota Gold
Nashboro Shasta
MEMC Finer Things MEMC Tequila Cuervo
SFG Passion Flower
MEMC Lickety Split High White Revolution High White Running Star
Bellemount's Magic Moment
HRH Fancy Evenmist Commander
Dor-Vern's Victoria


December 2009 ~ 7 months
Yearling ~ May 2010
Yearling ~ June/July 2010

July 2010
Yearling ~ September 2010
Yearling ~ December 2010
February 2011
May 2011
(Images below are full-sized)
July 2011
(Images below are full-sized)
August 2011
(Images below are full-sized)
November 2011
(Images below are full-sized)
~ 2012 - 2013 ~


MEMC TARGA (MEMC On Target x MEMC Lickety Split) 2011 Brown splash filly.

By two of my homebred horses with lots of *pizazzz* on both sides, Targa was destined to be a starlet and she is all that! Super upheaded, stylish, fancy and show horse charisma from nose to tail, Targa is a hot ticket. Lickety Split did it again but this time...she brought her LAST and very BEST baby ever! Targa is not only LP's best filly, she might be MY best MEMC filly overall.This huge filly is structured for big movement and poses like a model. Targa knows she is great but she is very personable and smart as a whip! She trots like she has tennis balls on her feet, big bouncy high trot and that is bred in. I just love her! Targa carries the blood of 5 excellent producing mares that I have owned and used in my program ; King Blaze Mint, W-B Her Royal Highness, MEMC Lickety Split, Bellemount's Magic Moment, and HRH Fancy. I believe great horses come from great mares and top fillies need the blood of good producing and performing mares behind them to be excellent. I feel Targa is a truly amazing individual and I am proud to have bred her!


MEMC On Target MEMC Crown Royal Robbi Sue's Mr Alert
King Blaze Mint

W-B Her Royal Highness

Icestone Whitewing
MEMC Lickety Split High White Revolution High White Running Star
Bellemount's Magic Moment
HRH Fancy Evenmist Commander
Dor-Vern's Victoria


~ 2012 - 2013 ~


LRCM STARY NIGHT DELIGHT (JMF Wild Magic x Black Ayr's Linda) 2002 Black mare.

Well I've been selling horses, NOT buying, but then along came *Starry*........ Many times I'd looked at the listings of horses in the Broker's Lot in PA, these are horses purchased for slaughter in Canada, and each one would make me so so sad. I would see Forever Morgans rescue group doing their part to save the Morgans who ended up at the Broker's. So many times I would come so close to getting one but I just knew I didn't need any more horses and it was so far away to deal with it all. One day in February 2011 I looked at the Broker horses and there was this darling little black mare with a big star and the cutest face and ears and just as Morganny as they come. I watched her video and every where she went, those little ears were up and she had that cute happy expression even though she was in fact being test ridden bareback at a kill pen and the truck was coming in 4 days. It was one of those moments where a horse just speaks to you and that cute mare just looked like my perfect new trail mare to replace my Paso Fino mare who had recently sold. Before I knew it, I contacted Forever Morgans for help,emailed an application in and sent money and Starry was mine and safe too! Forever Morgans did a wonderful job moving Starry along through quarantine in PA and then into foster in NC. She had become very ill after the brokers and finally she was well enough to travel to Texas. Thank you to Forever Morgans and also to Karen Schnell who fostered Starry and Cox Equine Transport for getting her here to Texas quickly and carefully since she had just finished antibiotics. I paid for Starry on Valentine's Day and she was my gift to myself! These first pics are just as Starry arrived to Texas and then her greeting my son Collin 2 hours later. Starry loves all animals, kids and FOOD. Starry rides and drives and the first time I rode her here I climbed on her off the fence bareback and only a halter and lead and rode her around. She is a real sweetheart of a horse.


JMF Wild Magic Waseeka's Wildly Royal Treble's Willy Wild
Royal Oaks Marianne
JMF Beam Along Whispering High Beam
Triton Flirt
Black Ayr's Linda Black-Ayr's Colonel Like A Bird
Black-Ayr's Duchess Jayson


March 2011
June 2011
~ 2012 - 2013 ~
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reg Appaloosa mare
Half Arabian

*Halo* is a very special mare of mine. She is a registered Appaloosa mare who is also half Arabian in blood. I rescued Halo on Christmas Day 2012 from a kill buyer who is the same one who had my Morgan rescue *Starry*. There is something about this mare that speaks to me. We have a special bond. It has taken a while for Halo to let go of most of the *ghosts* (as I call them) in her head and settle here, relaxed and peaceful . When she came here she had been passed around a lot and been very ill with strangles. I think it made her attach to me strongly and for a while she preferred for other people to leave her alone but now she is more accepting again. When she is nervous or concerned she nuzzles or nudges my hands or arms and when she is feeling silly she nuzzles my hair. She has a clownish personality when you spend time with her and then sometimes she can be a pain. I call those her *Appy Days*. Halo began to bloom after she came to Texas and grew the most gorgeous long mane, forelock and tail. She turned out to be quite a beauty and I think of her as my Vavra horse.


~ 2012 - 2013 ~



(High White Revolution x HRH Fancy)

Chestnut Sabino Mare
AMHA # 00150868
April 04, 2000- October 31, 2011

MEMC Paint N' The Town, 2004 Chestnut Sabino Colt x High White Revolution
MEMC Soft Spoken 2006 Palomino filly x MEMC Tequila Cuervo
MEMC Fantasia, 2007 Splash/sabino filly x MEMC Crown Royal
MEMC Sparkling Plenty, 2008 Palomino filly x MEMC Crown Royal
MEMC Pineapple Express 2009 Palomino filly x MEMC Grandeur
MEMC RC Ryder, 2010 Splash Sabino Chestnut colt x MEMC Crown Royal
MEMC Targa, 2011 Splash Sabino Brown filly x MEMC On Target


High White Revolution High White Running Star Rushbruk Ezekial
Sprit Of Temptation
Bellemount's Magic Moment Culpeper Crescendo
Early Morning Magic
HRH Fancy Evenmist Commander Waseeka’s Moonshot
Paramount’s Gay Lass
Dor-Vern's Victoria Trophy’s Gordo
Marshal’s Tabitha


Yearling photo
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April, 2008

April, 2008

April, 2008

August, 2008

July 2009
Summer 2011


(MEMC Crown Royal x Alatheia Fire N Ice)

Palomino Sabino/Splash Mare
2010 - 2012

June 2011


MEMC Crown Royal Robbi Sue's Mr Alert Glamorgan Vista
Robbi-Sue Misalert
King Blaze Mint Windhoverenchantmint
Icestone Whitewing
Alatheia Fire N Ice Wilshir's Don Dandy Triton Red Fox
Waer's Triton Madona
Goings Dream Come True Alatheia Bold Legacy
Alatheia Magicmotion


Below photos taken at 2 - 5 days old

2 days old

2 days old

2 days old

2 days old

1 week old

1 week old

1 week old
Below photos taken at 1 month old
~ *SORRY* all us babies are shedding right now ~

Where's Waldo ... er ... Halle?
Below photos taken July 28, 2010
Below photos taken September 2010
December 2010
February 2011
May 2011
(Images below are full-sized)
July 2011
(Images below are full-sized)
August 2011
(Images below are full-sized)




Click to see ...
W-B Her Royal Higness (blk ch splash sabino)
MEMC Confetti
(palomino splash sabino)
Ruddell's Royal Comet
JAR Sweet Promise
MEMC Enchantmint
MEMC Royal Heiress
(palomino splash sabino)
MEMC Genevieve
(palomino splash sabino)
King Blaze Mint
(chestnut splash)
MEMC Glimpse of Glitter
MEMC Casablanca
Golden Acres Precious Lady
Edgewood Natalie Moro
SFG Passion Flower (bay)
MEMC Custom Made (buckskin)
MEMC Finer Things (palomino)
Kee Lady Aphrodite (cremello)
Aswyn Nora Ashbrook (bay)
Awee Blaze Of Glory (chestnut sabino)
Nashboro Tifiny Gold (palomino)
HRH Fancy (bay sabino)
Goings Dream Come True (bay)
Bethesda Irresistable (bay)
Bellmount's Magic Moment (chestnut)
River Song Minuet (chestnut)
Adventures Satin (chestnut)
Relands Delilah (chestnut)


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