MEMC MORGANS has two stallions to stud for 2014. MEMC TEQUILA CUERVO and MEMC CROWN ROYAL, both by FROZEN SEMEN. Please contact me at for specific info, questions, costs, and contracts on these two stallions.

ALSO available IN VERY LIMITED SUPPLY is frozen domestic semen by the deceased cremello stallion, NASHBORO SIR GALAHAD. Some photos of him can be found on the REFERENCE STALLION page noted below.

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1994 Metallic Golden Creme


Pedigree Analysis by Ina Ish for Polly Smith
(This file is on the Little Brook Farm site.)


~ MEMC Tequila Cuervo ~
~ 2009 Breeders Saddle Horse Report Top 10 Overall Western Pleasure Sire ~

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2007 MEMC ad by Lynn Peterson
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For all of my life and with all of my heart, I will love this horse. He has truly been one of the greatest gifts in my life. Tequila is a FOUNDATION bred Morgan with a strong pedigree rich in true Morgan heritage and type. He has utterly straight legs and perfect feet, he moves straight and has tremendous push from the rear. His trot is both up and out and he has that rare "air-time" to his trot. He can go forward strongly or collect up very slow. It is easy for him with his balanced conformation. He has a wonderful sculpted head and a perfect Morgan neck, clean but manly just like it should be and in perfect proportion to the rest of him. Few people would refute the impact that Tequila has had upon the colorful Morgan since he began his breeding career. Tequila has proven himself as a valued sire of guaranteed colorful offspring whose get, grandget and beyond show his influence, the mark of a prepotent sire. Today, Tequila's foals can be found all about the US, Canada and Europe. He is an excellent breeding stallion.

Around here we call Tequila **The Lion King**. Not because he has to come out every day trying to prove he is the best, the big man. It is because he doesn't have to....... what he has comes from the INSIDE. Tequila is bold and charismatic but kind. He's a big show off when people come and yet hardly breathes when a little child, kitty or dog bumps into him or even under him (yes, it has happened!). He is my best friend and every day he finds a way to show that I am his. He also gives great hugs!

Charisma in Creme.........Cuervo!


Triple S Bald Eagle Triple S Gold Eagle Triple S Red Wing
Triple S Goldusty
Triple S Red Carmen Blackwood Correll
Twine Pines Sara Elm Crest Squire Hylee's Torchlight
Mrs O Nugget Star
Mortana Allie


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October 2009

Photos below by Beth Binion & Diana Jasica

August 2011



In Dressage Training - 2001

November 2003




Downloadable video clips for Tequila now available!!

Video #1
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Video #2
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2003 Buckskin Splash/Sabino

MEMC Crown Royal ad 2007~ design by Lynn Peterson
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MEMC Crown Royal is a most rare and fascinating young stallion. "Caesar" has endeared me from the moment he was born. He has a kind, generous nature and has been a delight to watch mature. Caesar has that "old soul" persona about him just like his dam, King Blaze Mint. In addition to his expressive personality, Caesar is quite colorful with four white socks, large blaze with white chin and a partial blue eye. He is one cool looking guy and knows it; carrying himself upheaded with pride and pizzazz. I am excited about the potential Caesar offers to the MEMC breeding program. I have retained Caesar to contribute his long curvy neck, refinement, balanced movement and wonderful mind to my future foals. Carrying both the sabino and splash Pinto genes in addition to his cream dilution gene, he is bound to add some color to his offspring too. What luck I had to get this boy!!

Robbi Sue's Mr Alert Glamorgan Vista Townshend Vigilstarr
Windcrest Charm
Robbi-Sue Misalert Robbi Sue Moralert
Pendleton Buck Missy
King Blaze Mint Windhoverenchantmint Beamington
Milady Dona
Icestone Whitewing Townshend Don Bird
Tamarlei Pa Waltz


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April, 2007

November, 2007

November, 2007

November, 2007

November, 2007

November, 2007

3 Years Old

June, 2006

November, 2006

November, 2006

November, 2006

November, 2006

Spring 2005




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